8 Things That Make A Quality Tattoo Shop in Reno

Getting a tattoo is a big deal, regardless if it’s your first one or your ninth one. Where you get it is important too. However, you don’t want to choose a low quality tattoo shop. With that said, here are eight things that make a tattoo shop of high quality.

1. Experienced Artists- A good quality shop will have experienced tattoo artists who have been doing tattoos for either many years or have done plenty of tattoos within a short period of time, if they are new. Remember, if a tattoo artist is new but they have done dozens and dozens of tattoos within their first few weeks of being at a shop, then this is a sign they possess sufficient experience. If you know how much experience an artist has at the shop, then go ahead and consider getting ink there, but if you can’t verify their experience, then go somewhere else.

2. It Is Clean And Doesn’t Smell Bad- A Reno tattoo shop that is of good quality will be clean and it won’t have a bad smell lingering. The best tattoo shops smell like disinfectant or other types of cleaning products. If a shop smells bad, this is not a good sign and you should probably go and get your tattoo elsewhere.

Also, the floors should be clean and so should everywhere else. Its licenses will be displayed in an area that is visible. The cleaner the shop is, the better because it is a sign that they care what customers and prospective customers think.

3. They Never Reuse Needles- A great shop never uses the same needle on two customers and if they do, then run as far as possible from it. Any good shop will only use single-use inks and single-use needles. By doing this, cross-contamination is less likely going to happen. Different studios do things differently, but you should be able to see that needles are either single-use or being sterilized properly, so pay attention to what kind of needles are used and feel free to ask a shop if they sterilize their needles.

4. Samples Of Work- The best tattoo shops have books and portfolios for their prospective customers to look at because they want to showoff the work their artists have performed. If you cannot find a tattoo book or a portfolio at the shop, then this isn’t good. The best artists want their prospective clients to know what to expect if they get a tattoo from them, which is why they have portfolios at the shop. Have a look at their portfolio because this will give you an idea of the quality of tattoos they have provided to past clients.

5. Expensive Tattoos- Do you know what else makes a quality tattoo shop? The price of the tattoos, and this is because the tattoo shops that charge expensive rates tend to do the best work. Sure, very cheap prices are tempting, but the fact of the matter is you get what you pay for when it comes to getting a tattoo. Plus, quality tattoo shops do a lot of preparing and they put in a lot of effort when doing the tattoos, which is why they charge quite a bit of money.

It’s worth pointing out that you can get cheap tattoos. However, you don’t want to go too cheap. If you want a quality tattoo done at a great shop, then pay attention to prices.

6. No Pressure- Nobody wants to enter a tattoo shop and feel extremely pressured into buying a tattoo because this is a major red flag. The best shops do not have staff members that apply major pressure to prospective clients that come into the door or call them. They provide excellent customer service and answer any questions a person may have. If you go to a shop and the staff doesn’t seem like they are in a rush to serve you and if they are rude, then turn around and head out the store.

7. Testimonials- Quality Reno tattoo shops have testimonials from past clients and these testimonials are usually made visible at the shop. However, you can go to a shop’s website and see what their past clients are saying about them. The more positive testimonials a shop has, the better. While you’re at it, check out review websites and see what others are saying about the shops you’re considering going to.

8. Repeat Clients- If a Nevada tattoo shop has repeat clients, then this is a good sign that they are amazing at what they do. The tattoo shop should tell you whether or not they have repeat clients or you can visit their website to see if they have information about this. The more repeat clients a tattoo shop has, the stronger the indicator is that the shop is of high quality and worth going to. People are picky about getting tattoos, and if they choose to get more tattoos done by the same shop, then there’s a good reason for that.

The last thing you want is to step foot into a bad tattoo shop and pay a lot of cash for a tattoo. The chances are it won’t come out the way you had hope. The next time you want to get a tattoo, then make sure you keep the above information in mind because it will help you find quality tattoo shop in the Reno Nevada area.

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